DuPont™ & ADDEV Materials

Innovation is at the core of our business. It is on this basis that we have built a strong partnership with DuPont™ to meet our customers’ requirements.

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A strong & strategic partnership

DuPont™ & ADDEV Materials

DuPont™ has trusted ADDEV Materials for many, many years with a constantly renewed confidence for the exclusive distribution and transformation of its flagship brand products such as Mylar®, Kapton®, Nomex®, Tedlar®, or Tyvek.
The DUPONT™ and ADDEV Materials teams work hand in hand to recommend the best DUPONT™ materials, in the form best suited to the needs of user customers, at a premium quality level.
Our long-term partnership leads us to collaborate on innovative solutions: example with our Neoheater® heating film solution:

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Tedlar® PVF (Polyvinyl Fluoride) film is one of the most versatile films.

Its chemical, mechanical and electrical properties make it an excellent option for performance in outdoor applications as well as for mould release processes.

Tedlar® has excellent abrasion, chemical and UV resistance.

It is also waterproof and non-stick.

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Nomex® paper is an insulating paper with high thermal stability (-196°C – 300°C)

It has very high mechanical strength, excellent flame resistance and good dielectric properties. It can also be hot or cold formed. Nomex® is therefore often found in applications where the need for optimum insulation is essential, such as :

  • High voltage (transformer-generators)
  • Electric motors
  • Electric batteries
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Kapton® developed by DuPonT™ is a polyimide film with exceptional properties.

With a thermal class C rating, it withstands wide temperature ranges: from -269 and 400°C.
Self-extinguishing (UL94V-0), it has no melting temperature and burns at +800°c.

Its mechanical and chemical resistance makes it a product for aggressive environments: it has no known organic solvent and has very high dielectric performance.

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Mylar® polyester film is a film with excellent insulating properties. Made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Mylar® is an ideal insulator for a wide range of electrical, mechanical, graphic and model building applications (e.g. vacuum wing lamination). Various thicknesses of Mylar® are available, as well as custom cut to your specifications.

Polyester film Mylar® A : (translucent, white, milky) : this film does not contain any plasticizer, in normal conditions of use, this Mylar A has good properties in durability.


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