ADDEV Materials has all the know-how in the field of machining. Equipped with a recent machine park allowing a great freedom in the design and the realization, the ADDEV Materials experts manufacture complex parts with high technicality.

On numerically controlled or traditional machines (milling, turning and sawing), in small and large dimensions, small and medium series, the ADDEV Materials teams meet the most demanding requirements for the manufacture of custom-made parts.

These machining techniques allow us to obtain reduced tolerances, without tooling costs.

What we can machine :

  • Machining of insulating parts
  • Machining of thermosetting parts
  • Machining of composite materials
  • Machining of polycarbonate
  • Machining of thermoplastics


Sawing is the first stage in the shaping of a machined part.

For production runs ranging from small to large, ADDEV Materials can saw all its materials using various types of saw:

  • panel saws
  • automatic chop saws
  • board cutting machines for small thicknesses


Numerical control trimming saw: a saw used to accurately prepare cut product prior to small or large production runs, able to handle thicknesses from 0.2 to 102 mm with a cutting tolerance of +/– 0.2 mm.



Milling is a manufacturing process that involves the removal of material in the form of chips.

Milling is performed by a numerically controlled machine, which makes it suitable for machining prismatic parts as well as complex shaped parts.

The machine park of ADDEV Materials also includes 3- and 4-axis machines which allow the production of large parts, for example: press plates, mould bottoms, flanges, cheeks, spacers, guides, wedges,…

ADDEV Materials also has a numerically controlled routing machine: a large capacity table, it allows the production of caps, joints, parts for conveyor lines and other various parts for the industry without clamping.


Mechanical turning is a machining process by removing material. The material to be machined is fixed between the jaws of a chuck, then sculpted with cutting tools. This process allows to obtain parts of cylindrical or/and conical shape, simple or complex (screw-cutting lathes).

ADDEV Materials has a CNC lathe and a conventional lathe, to produce rollers, pulleys, guide fingers, pinions, centering pins, washers,… in high performance plastic materials and thermosetting laminates.


In addition, ADDEV Materials allows you to assemble parts by gluing, to put inserts or even to varnish your parts according to your needs.

Our processes :

  • Technical assembly of materials by gluing (two-component epoxy glue, CAF silicone glue, cyanoacrylate glue…) or by screwing (composite or metallic).
  • Assembly of inserts, threaded inserts, self-tapping bushes…
  • Finishing parts with a protective varnish, impregnation varnish, tropicalization varnish, anti-flash varnish, acrylic varnish, clear epoxy varnish, Alkyde varnish…
  • Assembly of composites
  • Kitting : delivery made by grouping several types of parts ready to use.

Our certifications

Our Certifications BSI ISO 9001 2015
Our Certifications ISO 9001
Our Certifications ISO 9001 2008
Our Certifications ISO 9100

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