Roll form cutting

ADDEV Materials examines customers’ requirements to provide fully adapted custom design to implementation solutions for parts cut to the required shape.

The materials (films or adhesive tapes) are stored in the form of jumbo rolls which ADDEV Materials teams cut to the desired dimensions. As a result, and depending on the requirement, several types of presentation are possible.

All aspects of the roll cutting process are considered with the aim of providing time savings on the customer’s production line. Each product is delivered in a finished state, with the ideal dimensions for the customer.

On-roll slitting

On-roll slitting is a process used to cut through a wound roll of adhesive film. The state-of-the-art machines operated by ADDEV Materials can handle adhesive materials with widths from 0,15748 in to 59 in.

ADDEV Materials uses automated cutting processes which reduce roll change-over times to the minimum. The various on-roll slitting techniques deliver top quality cutting for customers.

Our resources:

  • Bladed slitting machine for relatively soft materials.
  • Circular slitting saw for “rigid” materials such as surface protectors/paper backings.
on roll slitting

Slitting & rewinding

Slitting & rewinding (or “off-roll” slitting) is performed to divide a parent roll into rolls of different widths and lengths.

Using its high-tech machines, ADDEV Materials can meet every requirement for non-adhesive materials 0,23622 mils to 39 mils thick.

ADDEV Materials teams guarantee low slitting and roll changing times, while providing top quality cutting. The installed equipment can handle both small and large runs.

Do you need the slitting & rewinding operation to be performed in a controlled atmosphere? ADDEV Materials is equipped with ISO 7-class laminar flow facilities.

If you have any questions about thicknesses, the tolerances we can achieve, inside and outside diameters, widths or weights – please contact us.

slitting & rewinding



Traverse winding is a process whereby a strip of flexible material (technical film or adhesive tape) is wound in a specific side-to-side manner across the width of a core to build up layers.

This winding method creates, from a parent roll, spools of film or of adhesive tape which hold hundreds or even thousands of metres of product on a single spool.
This technique provides a longer length of finished product in a volume format suited to the customer’s processes.

When using these spools, the total change-over time can be reduced by a factor of up to 20, thus improving the productivity of the production line.  

The cut strips are wound onto the spool one layer at a time using a traverse winder. This process may be performed on many different types of film, such as:

  • polyester films
  • polycarbonate films
  • fluorinated films
  • Alu/PET films
  • polyimide films
  • films and laminates

Machine capacities:  

  • Thickness: 0.47 mils – 4 mils
  • Width of cut film/tape: 236 mils- 2 in +/- 0.2
  • Spool width: 12.6 in, inside diameter 3 in, outside diameter 19 in.



The slitting & rewinding machines used by ADDEV Materials unwind and then rewind the product, with continuous cutting performed in between if necessary.

The product may be rewound as shorter lengths and/or larger widths, depending on the customer’s requirements, or wound onto a customer’s specific core (with a different diameter, specific marking, etc.)


Film folding (for non-woven fabrics)

Film folding is a process which involves producing a fold in a material lengthwise (or multiple folds) before rewinding it around a new roll.

ADDEV Materials produces rolls of folded material, one example of which is geotextiles for gardening or construction/civil engineering applications.

film folding

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Our Certifications BSI ISO 9001 2015
Our Certifications ISO 9001
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