Vulcanized fibers

Product description

The vulcanized fiber is obtained by laminating 100% cellulose paper plies after passing through zinc chloride and acid baths. This manufacturing process gives this insulator high mechanical, insulating and electrical characteristics.

ADDEV Materials transforms vulcanized electrical and mechanical fibers for the electro-technical, railway and industrial sectors – several grades are available depending on the final use of the product. The vulcanized fiber can also be cut to size to obtain a specific insulation.

Technical properties

  • Continuous use temperature 120°C
  • Fire classification (UL94 HB or VO according to grade
  • Very good dielectric strength (good resistance to electric arc)
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Excellent mechanical resistance (abrasion, tear propagation,…)
  • Impregnable

Main applications

Electrical Insulation

Electrical insulation

Fire Protection

Fire protection

Our converting capabilities dedicated to fibers & papers

Our certifications

Our Certifications BSI ISO 9001 2015
Our Certifications ISO 9001
Our Certifications ISO 9001 2008
Our Certifications ISO 9100

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